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Preventive and Treatment Health Programs

The goal of START WITH ME, INC is preventive and treatment health programs that will improve the health of rural and sub-urban communities in developing countries by effectively providing healthy habits training and treating those who are sick. Along with treatment, we implement public health methods to help educate, disease management and promote prevention.

Our programs include the construction and operation of clinics and health centers, mobile clinics, biometric screening, community health fairs, clean water, sanitation projects and economic empowerment.

Health Centers

START WITH ME INC. provides comprehensive, preventive health services and medical treatment through rural and sub-urban community clinics. These health centers treat conditions such as childhood illnesses, malnutrition, maternal health, diabetes, high blood pressure, and HIV/AIDS among several other ailments.

Mobile Health Clinics

START WITH ME INC. plans to deploy mobile health clinics within communities to help promote prevention and provide basic primary healthcare to underserved people residing in remote areas without adequate access to health services.

Health Fairs

The goal of START WITH ME INC. Health Fairs is to share knowledge with the community and empower individuals to better understand healthy living concepts to improve life. The Health Fairs are a vital part of our public health initiative to help prevent disease and improve the health of the community.

Health Fairs provide free access to testing, diagnosis, counseling, and education about diseases such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. In addition, we offer educational lessons on topics such as nutrition, hygiene, farming and small business.

Clean Water and Sanitation

START WITH ME INC. will operate water projects communities to improve the quality of water currently used in order to reduce the occurrence of preventable diseases such as diarrhea that too often prove to be deadly for those living in rural impoverished communities.

We will provide water boreholes, irrigation and sanitation systems to communities with lack of access to clean water.

Education Program

The goal of START WITH ME INC. Education programs are to empower rural and sub-urban communities who seek to break the pattern of generational poverty by providing individuals with access to education. We will partner with local educational institutions, work to improve student outcomes and performance, by providing mentoring and coaching services. We will also schedule seminars held by expert in the field from around the world and look to improve the quality of education.

Construction and Support of Schools

When funding is available, START WITH ME, INC will help build and partner with schools in rural communities in an effort to break poverty cycles and provide a future for the children.

Education Scholarships

START WITH ME INC. scholarships will support the academic aspirations of individuals living in rural impoverished communities. These scholarships help pay for expenses such as student's tuition, study tools, books, and accommodation. START WITH ME, INC offers its support for multiple levels of academia including primary, secondary, and tertiary educations.

After School Programs

START WITH ME INC. will develop an after school tutoring program which will offer supplemental assistance to local students struggling with their studies. Students will receive tutoring and homework help in French, English, mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and more from qualified teachers. In addition, students also receive a meal prepared with fresh ingredients from our organic garden.

Nutrition Programs

The goal of START WITH ME INC. nutrition program is to improve the health of rural and sub-urban communities by providing them with micro-farming techniques to generate food as well as providing youth and communities with access to healthy eating habits.

Early Childhood growth

START WITH ME, INC preschool and early childhood development programs are an outgrowth of the health and nutritional intervention services. START WITH ME, INC will use the platform of a school to not only educate underserved children, but to also provide nutritious meals on a regular schedule and monitor and care for the health of students. Our program is designed to ensure maximal psychosocial development and access to good nutrition in order to improve the health and overall quality of life of children.

Organic Gardens, Orchards, and Poultry

Foodservice and nutrition are the main objectives and driving factors to eradicate malnutrition. The yield from the programs will help families fight hunger and poverty. These programs will also be used as part of START WITH ME, INC Economic Empowerment Programs that teach families to develop small business plans around the sale of excess yield.


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